The Counter Brings Custom Burgers to Mexico

The Counter Custom Built Burgers announced a deal with Restaurantes de Marcas Gastronomicas to become the first build-your-own-burger concept in Mexico, with the first unit slated to open in fall 2015.

In addition to offering over a million possible burger combinations The Counter also serves a wide selection of bold signature burgers and burger bowls, flavorful side dishes, milkshakes, craft beers, and wine, all featuring quality ingredients.

“We are proud to bring this exciting brand to Mexico,” says Alberto Diez de Urdanivia, president and CEO of Restaurantes de Marcas Gastronomicas and operator of the new locations. “We are avid fans of The Counter and believe that everyone in Mexico will have fun building and enjoying their own delicious burgers.”

Alberto brings years of restaurant experience to successfully launch The Counter in Mexico. Prior to Restaurantes de Marcas Gastronomicas, he served as general manager of the franchises Spoleto, Gaoneras, and Sizzler.

In 2009, Spoleto received an award for “Best Franchise” in the food and beverages sector by the Mexican Franchise Association. Alberto also served as a member of the Board of the Mexican Franchise Association, and was COO of Howard Johnson Hotels in Mexico.

“Mexico offers great opportunities for the development of foreign franchises and the arrival of The Counter confirms the growth and confidence in this sector,“ says Ferenz Feher, CEO of Feher & Feher.

The Counter opened more than ten years ago in Los Angeles and has grown to more than 40 locations domestically and internationally.


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