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Since its inception in 2002, Feher Consulting understands that the basis for everything we do is the trust our Friends and Customers place on our Team and our work.  Your dreams and aspirations are the fuel that drive us to perform by gaining a deep understanding of your business and the circumstances that surrounds it, so we can then offer real-world solutions and growth strategies that are creative, current and innovative.  While deep-rooted in a Franchising background, we have expanded our expertise and knowledge to be able address many facets of Business and Management Consulting and provide not only a well-rounded consulting experience, but also results to those we team-up with.

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Create business with real success Feher Philosophy

We love success stories and for over 25 years, Ferenz Feher has modeled the first business and franchise consulting with 100% Mexican methodologies. We understood, from there, that trust, empathy, commitment, loyalty, professionalism, experience, integrity and passion formed solid foundations


Promote the business sector through specialized services geared to customer needs.


Generate value through Comprehensive Consulting that exceeds expectations.

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Accredited Consultant

We are a consultancy recognized by important agencies in Mexico and all around the world as a firm that promotes and supports entrepreneurship, confirming our experience, professionalism, ethics, talent, work methodology and our strong ties with the public sector. We can mention, among others:

Secretaría de Economía (SE)*

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Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor

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Asociación Mexicana de Franquicias (AMF)

Consultor AMF certificado

 International Franchise Association (IFA)

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International Franchise Consultant Network (IFCN)

International Franchise Consultans Network

Asociación Guatemalteca de Franquicias (AGF)

Asociacion Guatemalteca de franquicias

*We are a consultancy firm recognized by the Mexican Secretariat of the Economy through its National Institute for Entrepreneurship (IANDEM) as a Business Accelerator.


We look to grow and consolidate strategic alliances with business and organizations that support the growth of entrepreneurs. At Feher Consulting we are true business architects and we strive to provide robust services that produce all-inclusive solutions to our clients.


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Ferenz Feher

Feher Consulting is the result of understanding the trajectory of business in Mexico. Based on the knowledge of Ferenz Feher, our founder. He understood business from scratch, has been a poultry farmer, apple packer, television repairman, counter vendor in the Historic Center of Mexico City, Franchise Manager in Steren; Where he also participated as a Franchisee and years later he started as a Certified Franchise Consultant and with all that repertoire of knowledge, in 2002 he officially started in the world of Business Consulting. At the same time, he becomes a Franchisor Partner of one of the leading tailoring chains in the market and with this, he manages to be the only entrepreneur who understands the world of franchises with a 360 ° vision by collaborating with one, Franchisee, Franchisor and professional model consultant). He knew how they were operated, how many processes were necessary and unnecessary. He understood that trust and commitment were two of the fundamental elements of the best companies and he knew how to translate them into the correct methodologies, according to the type of business and the degree of innovation. This is how we began to provide valuable consulting and began to be recognized by the union. During all this time, Ferenz has combined his position as CEO of the Consultancy, Managing Partner of the Tailor Franchise Network and President of the Mexican Franchise Association (2003-2005), Deputy Secretary of the Ibero-American Franchise Federation (2005-2007 ) President of the International Franchise Consultant Network (2007-2009). The challenges have remained present and as time went on, he developed and conditioned the methodology of commercial franchises with another of his passions: helping people. Thus, Franchises with Social Impact and one of his books were born, with which he has been recognized in the International Franchise Association by awarding him the Ronald E. Harrison Prize, which is given to the person who stands out for his Social participation on the subject of franchises. In fact, he is the first Mexican to obtain the award.

Throughout his career, Ferenz has brought together a group of crazy people passionate about the subject, who have specialized in different fields; always with the sole intention of professionalizing and enhancing business in Mexico and the world. We design your stores, analyze your finances, provide legal protection and make our customers become our great friends.




“Finally a book on franchises written for Mexicans, by a Mexican expert; with experience in Mexico and with Mexicans, who takes into account the reality, the laws and the Mexican environment. You cannot ask for anything better or more suitable. A must-read and mandatory book for all those who belong or wish to belong to the dynamic franchise industry. ”

Libro Gratuito : http://anyflip.com/rtle/ltrk



A book that fills a gap in reference material on franchise issues. A must-read for those looking to invest in a franchise. It is a book that must be present on the shelves of someone who is already operating within the franchise format. ” Fernando Rocha; Former President of the Mexican Franchise Association “This is a very valuable tool for the development of franchises in Latin America, since it allows all those involved in the subject, experts and beginners, to access information of interest in a practical and didactic format.” Marcel R. Portman; Former Vice President of the International Franchise Association

Libro Gratuito: https://anyflip.com/rtle/puvd/


This book is an indispensable tool for understanding the reasons that lead to successful business and franchise relationships. This is a work that, in addition to touching on the human aspects of business, transmits, with knowledge of the facts, the best tips for choosing the most suitable franchise, as well as the keys to managing large and complex franchise networks. With a direct style, complemented by updated data and statistics, it offers a very complete perspective on the national and international situation of the fascinating world of franchising.

Libro Gratuito: https://anyflip.com/rtle/ozph/

The authors treat the Franchise with Social Impact (FcIS) model with a systemic vision where commercial, legal, sustainable, business and social points of view converge. That is why it was decided that to carry out a complete work they divided the topics so that they had a certain general order, but that they intertwined to integrate into the structure of this table:

Table 1. Systemic Vision

Once the scheme is assembled, they join the edges that fit the development of the models, present some examples of each of the aspects of the FcIS, as well as the possibilities of developing them in any country, since they apply in all regions of the world where a franchise of this type is necessary. In this way, it contributes to the development of new opportunities for the unprotected or for people who live in precarious situations or are the focus of social illnesses. It should be noted that in many cases the approach and / or examples are defined according to the economic, political and social situations of the Mexican reality, but on more than one occasion they can be compared with what happens in other countries, especially in Central and South American regions. The ideal is that the conditions of each one of the zones are studied and the solutions are adapted.

Libro Gratuito: https://anyflip.com/rtle/chiz/

Ferenz and Alfredo, two Mexican businessmen, with different backgrounds, with different experiences; They met in life thanks to the passion that each one imprinted on the little piece of the world that they had to improve. They also share a hobby: climbing mountains. As a result of the trip they both made to the Licancabur and Uturuncu volcanoes, they realized how similar it is to venture around the world to achieve a new summit, with the fact of undertaking. The path, the adversities, the preparation and the lessons learned were summarized in ten key points to share knowledge with entrepreneurs who seek to start a business from scratch, naming it the “Entrepreneur Decalogue”, which defines in ten sentences what one must do to be successful with a business.

Libro solo para compra: https://bit.ly/313hUct

For more information or if you need to purchase a publication, write to us at: contacto@feher.com.mx