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We are a consulting firm offering specialized and complete solutions to entrepreneurs, established businesses and Franchise Networks. We understand and help grow our clients’ businesses through our team of expert consultants and specialists who excel not only for their experience, expertise and knowledge, but also for their warmth and empathy. We call this professionalism with a human touch.

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” I’m really thankful with Irma, Ana, Andres, Kenny and Alejando for all their support and patience along project, but mostly for all the shared experiences.”


Cristian SerranoCristian Serrano

Are you ready to grow your business?


“If you own a proven and successful business, it is time to grow through a Franchise model under Feher Consulting methodology”

Our more than 20 years of experience have allowed us the opportunity to help over 650 businesses achieve scalable and sustainable growth through the Franchise model, for that and our unique approach to franchising we are recognized as the leading consulting firm.

At Feher Consulting we offer a complete set of services, customized to the individual needs of our clients, through our specialized areas:


Your Key to Success

Management Consulting

As an expert Management Consulting firm, here at Feher Consulting we support and thrust Entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to better their performance, primarily through the analysis of the business and problem-solving techniques, as well as through the development and application of “Best Practices”.

Our scope of services allows for a gradual advancement, from the maturation of a business idea all the way to its practical implementation; throughout the consulting process, the Entrepreneur develops certain traits and abilities, experiences and knowledge to ensure the success of the venture.

For those who already have an existing and operating business, we provide comprehensive solutions for the improvement and growth of the business through the use and application of technology, strategy and strengthening of the legal, financial and operative areas of the business.

Each of our services in Management Consulting is performed by a multi-disciplinary team of professional consultants which are involved throughout the project and which progressively offer feedback on its status.

We work in individualized and participative consulting sessions with our clients in which the project leader is always present and the specialized consultants will be performing all activities required to provide concrete solutions to the different problems facing the business.

The products or services offered by this area are:


International Business Models

To explore and exploit international markets is a real need of the different business models, including of course, franchising. Our International Consulting services provide a well designed path with a greater degree of certainty when crossing international borders; we do so by not only considering the characteristics of the target market, but also the current situation of the business itself.


  • Strategic Planning for International Expansion.
  • Feasibility Studies for the Internationalization of Concepts(inbound and outbound).
  • Legal Assistance in select international markets.
  • Market Adaptation of the business model.
  • Turnkey Business Solutions in selected international markets.
  • Standardization of Operations.
  • Creation of Franchised Systems in International Markets
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Franchise Development

Those who look to invest in a proven business model to achieve personal and/or financial growth, can do so through our specialized consulting services, which are aimed at matching the investors’ needs with an appropriate franchise system.

  • Support and assistance through every step of the acquisition process and negotiations for unit and Master Franchises.
  • Filtering and analysis of the different concepts to match the franchisors’ requirements with the investors’ needs.

We created the first retail store offering franchise systems in Mexico, which showcases the best brands available in the franchise marketplace.

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